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Help! Which one should I awaken?

Doctor_MDoctor_M Posts: 53
edited May 25 in Strategy and Tips
I have a generic 5* awakening gem.
Which champions should I awaken and eventually bring it up R5?

Help! Which one should I awaken? 42 votes

subash_vikramKamikaze_TurtleDarth_StewieDogfoodLidyuwAdvmanveertherealWine_LoverSbkruebpsp742Iron_Patriot_is_litBlackshadow0203WhoDaPooAstoundsAMS94BoostergoldrulzMasterpuffIronGladiator22Charlie21540Hoitado 28 votes
Foxhero007MaratoxHemajSparx265Thanks_D19anaLysis_ 6 votes
Mqc19MaxLeeZeuszeroScrubhanReal_Madrid_76_2Nikunj_95Killer354alibhai19 8 votes
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  • RiptideRiptide Posts: 1,942 ★★★★
    What does your roster look like?
  • Doctor_MDoctor_M Posts: 53
    Riptide said:

    What does your roster look like?

    All R5: Omega Red, Cap American IW, Human Torch and Corvus
  • Killer354Killer354 Posts: 130
    If any of those except torch aren't awakened do them.
  • Doctor_MDoctor_M Posts: 53
    Killer354 said:

    If any of those except torch aren't awakened do them.

    All awakened.
  • Drake2078Drake2078 Posts: 767 ★★★
    Honestly, I'd save your generic for a better champion
  • MrInsanityMrInsanity Posts: 1,539 ★★★★
    Go Wolverine his heal is crazy plus you can't awaken him naturally
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 18,644 ★★★★★
    I’d save the generic here.

    Or give it to wolvie but the smart thing is to save the gem
  • ChaosMax1012ChaosMax1012 Posts: 2,286 ★★★★★
    Show roster
  • Doctor_MDoctor_M Posts: 53
    thanks guys! I will go with Wolverine! :D
  • manveertherealmanveerthereal Posts: 1,148 ★★★
    sig 1 for the flex
  • Real_Madrid_76_2Real_Madrid_76_2 Posts: 1,522 ★★★
    He has best regen in game and has stun lock potential with sp3 bleeds and power gain
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