My AW season rewards

so to be eligible for AW season rewards u have to participate in 5 wars, i did so and still didnt receive rewards. i thought id give it time, but everyone else in my alliance were rewarded and i yet to receive anything. attached are 5 of our last 10 wars in which i participated


  • lordfresh456lordfresh456 Posts: 3
    so its been a whole day since post and still no insight as to why i dont have my rewards....smh no one has reached out to me yet and i got 0 rewards still... and i put money into this game its crazy...
  • @lordfresh456 I'm sorry you are experiencing issues with the rewards but unfortunately, we are unable to assist with In-Game issue on the Forums. Please contact Support though the game via the wheel in the left top corner so they can look into this matter for you. Thank you. I will be closing this post since we are unable to help with this issue.
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