Looking for new alliance!

Looking for stronger alliance, never consistently done anything other that map 4, so looking for at least map 5. With regards to AW, not fussed either way. TIA :)


  • Yodabolt21Yodabolt21 Posts: 2,363 ★★★★★
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    Hey man! We run 554 and would to have you! 2 bg AW, optional Gold 3.

    I added you in game. My ign is Yodabolt~1
  • Jiten2004Jiten2004 Posts: 16
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    Hey man. We play map 555

    My line id - jiten2004

    No aw only alliance quest

  • Spider_Ben_2000Spider_Ben_2000 Posts: 27
    We do AW n AQ map 5 .. 180 mil
  • Spider_Ben_2000Spider_Ben_2000 Posts: 27
    Line benaiahbotsford
  • KoiBoy18KoiBoy18 Posts: 216 ★★★

    Hey there - our retirement alliance [107SJ] Starjammers has 8300 prestige and 17.8MM rating. We run AQ map 5x5, 5x5 and 4x5 for 190 million points weekly and 2 BGs in War for Gold 3 with itemless, stress-free effort

    We already have a good front line of boss killers and high level player alt accounts so we get a lot accomplished with minimal stress! 

    Finally, we are part of the Symbiotic Alliance, a group of 17 alliances where you can move and grow as you progress - we even have our own podcast for tips and takes!

    We use LINE for communication - if you're interested, please reach out to LINE ID: TeekaFox or LINE ID: KoiBoy18
  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 416
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    @OWENS hello there. My Alliance may be what you are looking for. Line app is required. My id is zbot34. Here is my Alliance's run down ⬇️

    Alliance Tag: InfiG
    Alliance Name: Infinity Gauntlet

    looking for: 1 Map 5 experienced player who is ready to try Map 6

    AW: during AW season we run 3bgs. We try to be Stress Free and Item Free for War. During off season we tend to give the team a 2 week break.

    AW last season ranking: Gold 2

    AQ: Bg1 map 6x5 varying mods- (this BG is full)
    Bg2 will be starting Map 6 day 1 no mods, then map 5x4 varying mods- ( this is the BG I am recruiting for)
    Bg3 Map 5x5 varying mods. - ( this BG is full)
    Weekly score is between 300-307 Million. Ranking between 1130-1250

    Events like Arena/Completion/Item use/Class Specialist/Summoner Advancement - No minimums required

    We are a relaxed but not lazy Ally. We are a Teamwork first mentality group. If you are interested please reach out.

    Take care and thank you for reading.
  • hadinordin84hadinordin84 Posts: 126
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    Need 1 active member 9.5k prestige US time zone AQ map5 AW gold2,interested add me line id hadinordin84
  • eggesteggest Posts: 111
    My alliance is looking for one or two good players to run with us. We run a mix of map 5 and 6, scoring 300mil. We are doing map 6 for the first two days minimum, sometimes more.

    Wars are 2 bgs on rotation, so everyone plays but also gets regular breaks from it. We get gold 2 in around tier 6-7. Nothing too bad.

    We are a friendly bunch, most of the group has been playing together for about 3-4 years. Line is required, if you're interested, add me: eggest1
  • kedrogkedrog Posts: 2
    We run map 5. Add my line “Kedrog” if interested
  • StarboiStarboi Posts: 18
    Hey bro u still looking
  • Superman_ca1Superman_ca1 Posts: 102
    We run 6 5 5.
    you can jump from Map 5 to Map 6 anytime you want.
    Add me through line app at Superman.ca
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