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Prestige 10,607… LF Map 6 No Mods or Map 5 Ally with AW Optional

Looking for an ally that’s AW Optional/AQ Mandatory (I will participate in AW sometimes). Looking for 5/5/5 five times a week with mods but prefer 6/6/6 no mods. I prefer an ally with the same Prestige as myself. Contact me here or drop your IGN if in need of a strong player.


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    Bringr_of_Rain1Bringr_of_Rain1 Posts: 274
    Spots open….

    10.9k prestige alliance running 3 BGs of Map 6 (mod free). Top 800; 375m
    AW is optional

    In-Game Name: Bringr of Rain
    LINE: bringrofrain
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    MoeyTehrMoeyTehr Posts: 447 ★★
    We do 66666 with no modifiers for one battlegroup and 55555 with epic modifiers for two battlegroups.

    War is optional. We do only one battlegroup for those who want to do it.

    Line: thenthdoctor
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    SnicklefritzSnicklefritz Posts: 93
    1 spot open. Map 6 with heroic mods. 1 bg optional war. Line id is predatoryak if interested
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    racheyjjracheyjj Posts: 41

    Check us out. Add me on LINE - weasaal. IGN - racheyjj2
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    ruthlessrellikruthlessrellik Posts: 24
    Join our discord server and we can talk about brining you in. https://discord.gg/s9AKpvF
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    We have 4 openings at the moment and are hoping to reach 28 so that we can return to running maps 6 and 5! IGN and Line is nephilim206

    We also have optional war so that we can focus more on AQ. We rake in about 260 mil points per week!
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