1v1 Arena

Why is this arena even in the game? From 1 win you get one single Versus Crystal which are terrible themselves. You're most likely going to get Battle Chips in which you could easily get about 10 times more from any other 3v3 arena in half the time. Why not add something that will either directly benefit everyone or target an arena where the rewards are iso or in-game items. The reason i Suggest iso being it's very hard to get class iso as an early game player with you having something around a 1/200 chance of duping a 4-star hero. I just feel like the 1v1 arena is underused, underwhelming, unrewarding, and unpopular and it should be reworked or simply REMOVED!


  • Mr_Surfer1Mr_Surfer1 Posts: 29
    It's to test your skill against random match ups, not for rewards.
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