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BWCV 6* or Doom 5*

ThePredator1001ThePredator1001 Posts: 580 ★★★
edited July 2021 in Strategy and Tips
I was about to take my 6* BWCV to R2 but then I just pulled a 5* Doom and now I’m conflicted who to take up first. Neither are awakened and I don’t run suicides. My other high ranked mystics are a 5/65 Symbiote Supreme and a 4/55 Dragon man. Any suggestions?

BWCV 6* or Doom 5* 37 votes

Rank up BWCV 6*
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Rank up Doom 5*
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  • BonzodavidBonzodavid Posts: 586 ★★★
    Rank up BWCV 6*
    Who do you enjoy using more?
    Do you have a power controller?
    Do you have champions who are immune to bleed/poison/incenerate?
    Do you have any champions who can heal?

    It really depends, I prefer bwcv since she covers more ground for me and she is a 6* but there are good arguments for doom also
  • AATTAATT Posts: 525 ★★★
    Rank up BWCV 6*
    Doom is a beast, high BP and damage. But your claire is 6*, adrenaline helps for questing, as well healing from sp1 while curse of bleed. So she's more sustainable. She also can nullify and place a buff immunity. Do claire first and then go ranking doom up
  • thanks4playingthanks4playing Posts: 805 ★★★
    Rank up BWCV 6*
    you probably can't go wrong either way. I ran into a similar situation and I opted to put off Doom b/c of the iso situation. even if I chose doom, i wouldn't have enough iso for at least a few weeks or months till he can even get to r4.
  • Midias12Midias12 Posts: 69
    Rank up BWCV 6*
    I think they're the best two mystics in the game Claire definitely has an advantage when you're running suicides. I also think she has a little more utility but less overall damage I would still go for her. Also her heal has saved me countless times
  • Xguard77Xguard77 Posts: 552 ★★★
    Rank up Doom 5*
    All of the above comments supporting BWCV are true, but Doom is just a better champ. Once you get a defender locked into the Doom cycle it's essentially lights out.

    Even at r2 BWCV will seem lacking in damage without suicides.
  • The_beast123The_beast123 Posts: 2,037 ★★★★
    Rank up BWCV 6*
    Oh please ^, Don't say Claire lacks damage for god's sake. She has one of the highest base attack ratings, and the burst damage from SP2, and often the SP3 itself are huge amounts of damage.

    Doom is for sure a very excellent champion. Super tanky, Excellent power control, big furies, buff control.

    In the case of OP, I would say rank up who you wish to. I would go Claire not only because of her utility, but also because of my resource issues. 5 stars take a a lot of T1A, and for some reason its almost always at drought.
  • Da_MonstrousityDa_Monstrousity Posts: 40
    Rank up Doom 5*
    I picked Doom.

    I've got both and thus I'll tell u - Bwcv is very important, very useful and cannot be replaced but Doom will take you places She won't take you.

    Doom clears whole lanes in quests (see v5 and v6).

    Doom has more relevant utility - by this I mean that Bwcv needs immunities paths/Champs or buff heavy Champs or DOT debuffs to shine, Doom shines regardless of condition.

    Doom is super tank and that aura of Hazareth will save u a ton.

    Bwcv has poor damage except you're in hell fire mode. Also, her sp2 on curse of plague steals meager and sub-par power.
    Sp1 a defender with 3 full bars of power and Doom gets 2 full bars of power with option to steal more when hiring with light attacks (this is with >/=2 points in Mystic dispersion)

    Finally, I think you should rank Doom Bcos you already have Bwcv at 6r1. Manage that for the foreseeable future. Get doom to 5r4 then u can rank her to 6r2 and then u can take Doom to 5r5.
  • ThePredator1001ThePredator1001 Posts: 580 ★★★
    Rank up BWCV 6*
    Thanks everyone, I decided to Rank up BWCV first and I’ll do rank up doom next
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