Archangel to R5?

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What it says. I’ve got a duped (sig 112) AA at R4 & could max him out… but, I’m not convinced he needs the additional rank - I find he’s pretty unstoppable as he is (if you can bleed and poison it).
Some champs really benefit from that last step up but I’m not sure AA needs it? Anyone have a maxed AA that can convince me otherwise??
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    I used to think the same way, but honestly just the increase in HP and other stats is worth it let alone the increase in damage on his attacks and debuffs/effects.

    R5 him and you will not regret it.
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    You definitely don’t need him at r5.

    I do, it gives him higher health and attack then a r4. So that helps me, maybe not you. It’s not for everyone.
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    gsil6374 said:

    If you have to ask that question, then you don't understand the game.

    Thanks Plato. Or perhaps, if you don’t understand the question, then you don’t need to reply to the post.
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    Yep. If your anywhere in act 6 rn, he benefits a lot from r5. Just as much as any other champ would benefit from r5, makes him much better. That whole r4 AA thing may have been true like a year ago, but nowadays he's Def a prime r5 champ (imo he's the best mutant in the game).
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    The Only Champions I’d say to save resources for Rank 5 or Rank 3 is Magneto but even then I’d rank him up
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    I kept my 5* AA sig 200 at r4 for 1.5 years, and I finally r5 him this month as I see him still relevant in a lot of above Cav contents. The benefit from such rank up is quite obvious when you are facing some fights with high block damage, you can still perform parry-heavy-toxic method.
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    I've found that the higher health pool really helps mitigate the block damage you take from the parry-heavy method. It can really whittle you down in higher-level content otherwise.

    Additionally, the only champs I don't feel a need to rank up are synergy pieces. If I bring someone to actually fight, I rank them up. Why wouldn't I want to do the maximum amount of damage possible? I'm not saying that Archangel has to be your next rank-up ahead of a plethora of other champs, but he's well worth the investment. If I had him as an awakaned 6*, he would go to r3 immediately when I got the t5cc mytant catalyst.
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    JP, the higher the ranks, the higher their attack, health and other stats. It's not like the resources to rank 5 are scarce nowadays.

    Archangel at rank 4 is great for many parts of the game. The advantages we get by taking him to rank 5 are many, but the much needed( at least for me) is finishing fights quicker, a result of higher stats.
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