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Dodging Glitch

The dashing backward glitch is back. Half of my dodging has not been working since last update last week. Anybody else notice that?


  • FireatwillFireatwill Posts: 81
    I don't know if it's the same, I haven't had time to test it, but there is definitely an issue of some kind with evade currently. It's so noticeable that I figured there would be a large thread about it somewhere, but can't find anything. It's hard to say these days if it's one of their ongoing hidden ai tweaks designed to make the game harder, (like how much ai evades your attacks now) or if it's some error in timing. I think it's a timing error as parry still seems off too. I'm getting hit at the start of the fight while blocking the same way I have for 3 years now even. Something is very wrong. I came to the forums looking for posts like this, hoping that their would be a mega-thread with videos as there have been with other issues. Some players aren't sophisticated enough to notice subtle issues, but most of the time these issues get outed eventually.
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