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Help for Chapter 6.1

OfficialAMKMOfficialAMKM Posts: 12
edited August 2021 in Strategy and Tips
Hello Summoners,

I really want to get Cavilier, but before I start to dabble in that, I wanted to get some adivce on what people think I should use, I have posted a picture of my roster below of most my 5 and6 star champions. I have completed 6.1.1, but I would like some help on what teams and paths I should take based on my roster for 6.1.2 up to 6.1.6.

I am very interested on what people have to suggest.

Thanks :smile:

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  • Jeal79Jeal79 Posts: 443 ★★★
    My advice is to Google some videos on which paths to take and then be brave and go for it.

    Your roster is more than capable of handling it.
  • Scarcity27Scarcity27 Posts: 1,906 ★★★★★
    I think you'll be fine. That is a very solid roster. Just scout the paths ahead, it's not too hard to identify the easy ones. Personally, I used Warlock and Claire to finish off almost all the bosses in 6.1.
  • OfficialAMKMOfficialAMKM Posts: 12
    Hoitado said:

    If you truly aren’t Cavalier then wow

    With that roster you can easily make it. I did it with a far worse roster

    yeah i thought so i dunno why i never bothered going for it :disappointed:
  • DawsManDawsMan Posts: 2,151 ★★★★★
    Honestly 5/65's wreck it and the amount of god tiers you have at rank 4 and 5 it will be a breeze
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 7,760 ★★★★★
    I am only curious to know why there is a white pattern at the bottom right corner.
  • dangarang122dangarang122 Posts: 416 ★★★
    Might be a bit out of the box, but do not go against the 6.1.5 Crossbones boss with Warlock. Yes he has immunity against poison, but I personally find the fight to be a bit too long and tedious. That Nick Fury though...I soloed Crossbones in my first run with him. Keep Nick Fury alive when you reach the boss, and when you go into the fight, a poison debuff will be inflicted on you. However, eventually when Nick Fury dies and the real Nick Fury emerges, the poison will be shrugged off, and now you have all this extra damage from the fury. After that, it's a normal NF fight, and you just want to keep baiting Crossbones' special 1. Hope this somewhat helps. Good Luck!
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