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3rd special block or counter

The past few day I noticed I can block or reduce damage for 3rd special how is it done for sure? I think it's awesome but would love to know when I can do it


  • ????
  • It has a meter bar an u stop it on time it says perfect defense or too early an u get hit
  • Adamdrt2006Adamdrt2006 Posts: 429
    There is no way to block a l3
  • KZAKVNKZAKVN Posts: 14
    I would like to know as well
  • dolann__dolann__ Posts: 98
    edited November 2017
    Tuff25486 wrote: »
    It has a meter bar an u stop it on time it says perfect defense or too early an u get hit

    It's only for 5* champs, it's been there in game when 5* s are introduced (btw Meter even pop-ups when u use sp3)
  • No bull guys since the last update it's happened 2 times with my 5star hulk
  • thanks Dolann it tripped me out now when is the dang servers coming back up in Texas
  • LeAndR96LeAndR96 Posts: 6
    No, you cant block S3, when they get to S3 and you are not with a character that can take power from your oponent, then you will get atack by the S3, however, 5* character, got a bar in the initial secuence of the ability, that can reduce the damage you take from S3, and passive abilities, such as "Armor, Fisic resistance, Ice man's shield" can reduce the damage taken by the S3, and backwards, if he has "fury" or any damage amplification, it does more damage, except for cruelty and presicion, because the S3 doesnt crit. I hope this help's you, and sorry for the lot's of "S3's" xD
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