Lf an active map 5/6 alliance

I can run map 5/6 and will not do war. Contact me on line- Thwifo


  • Sanz99Sanz99 Posts: 48
    Tried contacting u on line but need your line id to search you so my line id is, thetruesanz99 we run map5x5 2 bgs run mods War is optional so if u don't want it then no problem hit me back if your interested
  • TimeGenesisTimeGenesis Posts: 732 ★★★
    We run 666 with m modifiers and usually place between 520-550. We r looking to replace 2 retiring players.

    Cant find ur line id so add me up if you"re interested. TimeGenesis
  • AznBaneAznBane Posts: 223
    We have a nice little family of 3 alliances where you can do anything from Map 4 to Map 6. I think you would fit well in our Map 5 alliance with optional war. Message me on discord at AznBane#5555 if you’re interested.
  • We do map 6 in BG1 and map 5 in BG2 and 3.
    Add me please if interested.
    Line ID is Superman.ca

    I couldn’t find you on line.
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