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Block Breaking issues started yesterday

I’m having problems in game specifically in AQ and AW that started yesterday and are continuing today. If I’m holding block and the AI attacks me regardless if it’s a dash or a regular attack my champ is dropping their block and eating a combo. If I’m holding block and they attack and swipe to evade the champ stands there and eats a 5 hit combo. Please look into this it is very frustrating and my alliance is starting to think I lost my mind. The only thing I’ve changed recently is my masteries (removed dexterity).
Game ID: MadTitan616
Device: iPhone 7Plus
Game version: 16.0
iOS 11.0.3


  • MSRDLDMSRDLD Posts: 913 ★★★
    Why would you remove dexterity?
  • MadTitan616MadTitan616 Posts: 30
    MD, all those ridiculous buffs in ACT 5 that penalize you when you buff. Let’s get real here I think we are getting penalized for not having dexterity. Just tried it on another device and the same thing is happening. Good to know it’s not my phone.
  • MadTitan616MadTitan616 Posts: 30
    Update. I just added 1 point back to dexterity and all is well. DEXTERITY IS EITHER BUGGED OR WORKING AS INTENDED.
  • RedRoosterRedRooster Posts: 337 ★★
    I've had the same issue with my block dropping or getting broken by medium and light attacks. I was going to post separately and possibly still will.

    This is not an issue of a missed parry or evade. This is happening on champs that I intentionally hold my block to, in an attempt to bait out a heavy, for example BPCW or Mordo. Sometimes they won't throw a heavy, but will attack with a combo. The combos are going straight through my block and I get hammered.

    I still have dexterity in my masteries setup.
  • RobjobcbkRobjobcbk Posts: 32
    This has happened to me as well
  • RedRoosterRedRooster Posts: 337 ★★
    For the mods...
    IOS 10.3.3
    Game 16.0.0
    iPhone 6S
  • FxccsjFxccsj Posts: 13

    Still happening for the past week. All the above. Either attacks break my block , my champion wont dash back and is just standing there getting hit and Sometimes will move forward when I’m holding block
    IOS 11.1.1
    IPad Pro 2017
    Game 16.0.0
  • Sketch1037Sketch1037 Posts: 54
    I'm having issues with dashing back (my champs freeze in place and get pounded) and blocks (I initiate a block, but my champs don't block and get pounded). It's entirely frustrating.
  • ShadeadShadead Posts: 28
    Same issues and I have dexterity
  • MattcoxMattcox Posts: 75
    Yep same issues dexterity isn’t working right mostly in aq and war I’ll try to evade and I’ll end up standing there taking a special or 5 hit combo very frustrating @kabammike
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