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Looking for Alliance

L49 Player looking for relaxed alliance.

2 4 star heroes (about to net a third) and 8 maxed out 3 star heroes.

Daily log in, often just grinding event quests and levelling up. Willing to help out in Alliance Events and Battlegrounds, also looking for alliance bonuses and energy.


  • Vwp1962Vwp1962 Posts: 39
    Check us out Game name is vwp1962
  • Alliance: Marvel Hunters [MH23]

    We are a 6m active alliance with members from all over the world. We run 3 full bgs for both AQ and AW. Tier 4-7 for war mostly 5 *shard rewards.

    1. AQ- Currently run maps 5,4,3 and 2 depending on score required to meet target milestones. We run map 2 to harvest potions and revives once we meet target and so we can use our top champs for war and personal quests. We run 3 full bgs and bounce between advance & expert tier.
    2. SA weekly
    3. Full rewards for duels, completion and item use. (arena optional)
    4. Support and advice to grow
    5. Friendly, fun team with great communication and a strong core group who have been playing together for many years

    We are we looking for:
    1. Active members who have a life outside the game but also log on frequently to get the job done. LINE is compulsory as communication is important.
    2. At least 5 r4 4*s and min 11 4*s not lower than r3. Min 100K Unless you are an exceptional fighter we can give the opportunity to grow with us.
    3. Willing to have/ download line app as we use this for communication.
    4. Map 5 experience preferable but not essential

    Add me on line app: Shazb76 or in game Shazb
  • WIRL tag intro says all check us out and msg officers or members if u want to know how they feel being part of the team
  • Find me in game or on line nvrcmecomin1
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