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detailed Thanos buff draft

Thanos buff draft
By Super Gamer Boy

About Thanos
Empowered by near-unlimited cosmic energy, possessed by high intelligence, and driven by dark obsessions, Thanos once dominated space and time itself with the Infinity Gauntlet. His one singular goal: transforming the cosmos itself into an abattoir.

Class: cosmic

Abilities: slow, heal block, power of the stones, ect

The following stats and abilities are based on a rank 5, level 65, 5 star champion.

Always active
Thanos can't gain buffs (like spider-man 2099), Whenever he would gain buffs, he nullifies the opponents personal buffs for 2 seconds.

This champ begins the fight with 16% max power
Thanoses heavy attack inflicts a slow debuff lasting for 8 seconds. reducing Ability Accuracy of an opponent's Unstoppable and Evade effects by 100%.

When struck by basic attacks
10% chance for an Armor Up buff, increasing Armor Rating by +988.24 for 6.5 seconds.

Power of the stones
At the start of a quest, Thanos gains a “power of the stone” which grants Thanos different abilities quaralating to one of the six infinity stones.

Space: when Thanos gets struck by the opponent once, he has a 100% chance to evade the next 3 hits.

Mind: Thanoses heavy attack inflicts a non stacking stun on the opponent for 3 seconds with a cooldown of 10 seconds.

Reality: the first hit of Thanoses special 1 inflicts reverse controls for 7 seconds

Time: whenever Thanos gets an armor up buff, he places a power drain on the opponent, reducing their power by 30%. He also places a regeneration buff on himself whenever he places a heal block. Gaining back 1152.27 health.

Soul: Thanos has a new ability called soul steel. Where when he drops below 50% health, he activates soul steel. Where he robs 768.18 health from the opponent and steals it for himself

Power: at the start of the fight, gain a passive fury buff, granting 10% attack increasing damage by 245.9, gain a cruelty buff increasing critical damage by 20% increasing damage by 105, all buffs last 20 seconds

When Thanos gets one of the six infinity stones during a fight, he gets a stone charge (max stack is six).

Dev note: the stone you get is random. So for example, you can enter a fight and have the time stone, then the next fight is the space stone instead, then the next fight is the time stone again. And as a reminder you only have one stone per fight.

What you can do with stone charges
If you successfully go through a quest and get all six charges, you can spend them in the pre-fight screen on either one of two options. Mission complete or child of thanos.

Mission complete: if you spend your charges on this, the next fight Thanos enters, he gets special abilities that he didn't do already for that one fight only. Thanos gains and does the following.

100% shock immune
Every heavy attack deals a degeneration debuff on the opponent maxing out at 10 stacks each lasting 3 seconds. Each dealing 368.85 damage over time
Everytime Thanos gets an armor up buff, he gets a power gain buff lasting for 4 seconds. Gaining 40% of a bar of power overtime.

Child of thanos: if you spend your charges on this, any champion with the tag “villain” that enters the fight in your team, they become a child of Thanos for that one fight (kind of like the horsemen of apocalypse ability). Children of Thanos gain the following abilities.

100% incinerate immune.
The champ gains a passive, non stacking fury buff lasting 20, increasing their attack by 100%.
Both the champions special 1 and 2 become unblockable.

Special attacks
100% chance to inflict a heal block, preventing the target from recovering health for 7 seconds.

Special 1: this attack does true damage, ignoring all armor up buffs. The last hit inflicts up to three incinerate debuffs each lasting 5 seconds, each dealing 122.95 damage over time.

Special 2: this attack does true damage, ignoring all armor up buffs. The first hit inflicts a shock debuff for 8 seconds, dealing 368.85 damage over time. The last hit does power burn taking away one bar of the opponent's power.

Special 3: thanos stuns the opponent for 5 seconds, inflict a concussion debuff lasting for eight seconds reducing ability accuracy by 30%, inflict up to seven rupture debuffs each lasting 2 seconds with each dealing 221.31 damage over time.

Signature ability: destiny still arrives
Granted near immortality, thanos the mad titan passively reduces his opponents base attack by 10.15% - 40%
When you get stone charges
At three stone charges, become poison immune
At five stone charges, when striking into a block with a light attack, gain prowess buffs maxing out at five stacks. Each one increases special attack damage by 2.5% - 10%. However, when you activate a special attack, you lose all prowess buffs.


I am inevitable
Thanos: when Thanos is at 1% of health. gain an immortality buff last for 2 seconds for every villain on the team as well as himself maxing out at ten seconds.

My favorite children
Thanos: at the start of thanoses first fight, he gets all six charges. This only happens once per quest.
Corvus glaive, Proxima midnight, Cull obsidian, Ebony maw: start the quest with a new shared mission (meaning all synergy members have the same mission) called “super special”, where whichever synergy member has to land a special 1, If completed, the synergy member does petrify for 5 seconds. Reducing the Potency of Power Gain and Regeneration effects.

My least favorite children
Thanos: change the power you get from 16% - 20% at the start of a fight
Gamora: lower the cooldown of godslayer strike from 100 seconds to 60 seconds
Nebula: start the fight with one electroshock charge

Snapped to dust
Thanos: when Thanos lands a special 2, he places a degeneration debuff lasting for 5 seconds dealing 245.9 damage overtime.
Spiderman (stark enhanced): whenever spider man places a taunt on the opponent, he gains a regeneration buff lasting for 7 seconds, gaining 5% of missing health. Maxing out at three stacks
Falcon: his special 1 does one extra bleed debuff.
Winter soldier: bleed debuffs gain +15% potency.
Black panther (civil war): when black panther stores 100 damage in reflective state, he gets a fury buff increasing attack by 10% for 5 seconds

Stone wielders
Thanos: when Thanos reaches 4 stone charges, become unstoppable for 6 seconds after a special 2.
Doctor strange: gain a passive cruelty buff whenever a blessing activates. Increasing critical damage by 10%.
Vision (age of ultron): every special attack does 1 incinerate debuff. each dealing 7% of damage overtime.
The champion: start the fight with 1 persistent charge
Red skull: gain an extra armor up buff at the start of a fight

Thanos, star lord, hulk
All champions gain +155 critical rating

Thanos, gamora
All champions gain + 6% health

Thanos, deadpool, deapool (x force)
All champions gain +6 attack


  • Let me know what you guys think of this.
  • JodroJodro Posts: 3
    I like the stone mechanism. He is a bit op, maybe weaken him a bit. Unfortunatelly I think they will never buff Thanos (and kang) cause they are champions important to the plot. The only way is a movie version of Thanos (like they've done to some characters).
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