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Entering War Fight Freezing up

Chris_ThisChris_This Posts: 40
edited October 2021 in Bugs and Known Issues
This is the 2nd time this war season that this is happening to me. I move up to the next fight. Start boosting up and when I try to start the fight I get the loading screen but the wheel just keeps spinning and spinning. Last time this happened, I restarted the game and of course I lost an attack bonus and half my health. Never even got to fight. Now this is happening again. With wars being won and lost by slim margins, this feels horrible being the possible reason we los this war due to a bug. As I type this, the loading wheel is still spinning and I know I've already lost an attack bonus and half health. And I feel stupid for not recording the fight, not to capture what wouldv'e been a flawless clear of Path 6, but to record this ridiculous bug that has happened to me twice.


  • Thank you summoner for pointing this out, please take the time to fill out the bug template form regarding this issue to make sure we have all the information needed to investigate, HERE is a direct link to the template form.

  • Chris_ThisChris_This Posts: 40
    Device and Version: iPhone 12

    Device Operating System: iOS 14.7.1

    Mobile Carrier: Tmobile but I was on my wifi

    Cellular or WiFi: Wifi

    Game Version Installed: 32.3.0

    Game Mode: Alliance War

    Champions Affected: R3 6* Colossus

    Active Boosts: Activated a 20% Champion Boost, 10% attack boost, and invulnerability boost.

    Description of the Issue: After selecting the boosts and trying to start the fight, the loading page with Anitvenom appeared but the spinning wheel just kept spinning and never loaded the fight. I waited about 5-6 minutes before being forced to corce close and restart the game. Half of my life was gone along with my invulnerability boost and 1 attack bonus.

    Screenshot or Video: By the time I reaslized what was happening I was stuck on the loading screen and spinning wheel. I couldv'e taken a video of it but it would have lacked all context so I figured not.
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