Who should I rank? Ghost or AA?

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Who should I rank? Ghost or AA? 39 votes

6* r1 unduped Ghost to r2
Lightburn227abo2athanks4playingDarkrider05CropDusterScholiayuwCap366Iron_Patriot_is_litDoctor_Strange19HazzalecScrubhanWill3808LlessurRavenKeeperNalak8Thanos1149YeBoiiGrassKnuckles 19 votes
5* r4 duped AA (sig ~15) to r5
BENJI830FanoinEthans8279Colonaut123Wine_LoverUvoginMauledwalkerdogIronGladiator22OmedennMiloticshyamChikelCharlie21540Agent_X_zzzAmnetiesIryseChaosMax1012mustgofasterOrthoCresolRiptide368 20 votes
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    6* r1 unduped Ghost to r2
    You can’t go wrong with either but ghost is ghost
  • Cap45Cap45 Posts: 409 ★★
    If u can bring aa above sig100 or if u have apoc. But Ghost is just op. Get good with her and crush content. A lot of members in my ally have better rosters than me yet I’m farther in content cause of her.
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