Enjoying Arenas a little more recently however...

MagonusMagonus Posts: 426 ★★★
I am playing in the Nunchaku arena right now and I am not finding it too grindy and maintaining the infinite streak seems more doable. I am not sure if any changes have been made lately but if there has been some then thank-you Kabam. I admit though it could just be because I have not been in arenas much lately and we are in the AW / AQ "off days" right now so I could just be in a better frame of mind for arenas.

The however is, if 6 stars and 5 stars are both worth the same amount of points in arenas, should their recharge timers also not be equal? Thanks all.


  • Darksniper240Darksniper240 Posts: 220 ★★★
    5 and 6 stars only have the same points in the basic arena. It’s generally better to use 6s in the featured where they give full points.
  • MagonusMagonus Posts: 426 ★★★
    @GrassKnuckles haha. Maybe the title should have been disliking arenas a little less instead?
  • MagonusMagonus Posts: 426 ★★★
    @Darksniper240 Thanks for that I was not aware. So in featured arenas all the math for 6 stars works fine but the basic area not as much. Thanks for the tip.
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