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Is this just happening to me or is anyone else getting this issue

DoomDesireDoomDesire Posts: 3
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So for a while now I've been doing fights and in the middle of my combo (usually the second or third hit) it would just not respond resulting in me usually getting smacked and losing the fight. I am only reporting it right now because before it would happen maybe once a quest while today it has happened sometimes 2-3 times per fight. I am just wondering if this is a me problem or if anyone else is experiencing this as well.
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  • RiptideRiptide Posts: 2,192 ★★★★★
    Yup. Another thing to add to the stack of input issues lately :(
  • Speedro420Speedro420 Posts: 1,233 ★★★★
    Happens to me all the time.
  • EtherealityEthereality Posts: 603 ★★★
    Yep, to me too. One thing that happens too is that my champ sometimes does nothing when I attempt to throw a heavy after a parey heavy.
  • Sorry to see you're all facing such issues, to anyone being affected by these issues, it would be a huge help if you could provide as much info as possible, using our report template below:
    Device and Version: (Example, iPhone 7) Be sure to include make and model of the device you are playing on when experiencing the issue.

    Device Operating System: (Example, iOS 11) You can find out the operating system on an iPhone by going to Settings, then General and scrolling down to “Version.” You can find the operating system version on Android by going to Apps, then Settings and “About Device.”

    Mobile Carrier: (Example AT&T) If your device uses cellular data, please include information about your data provider.

    Cellular or WiFi: Does this issue happen when you are using cellular data, WiFi or both?

    Game Version Installed: To check which version of the game you have installed, go to the App Store or Play Store and confirm that you have the latest version installed which will show you the number. (Example, 17.1.5)

    Game Mode: In which game mode did the error occur? Story Quests, Event Quests, Arena, Alliance Quest or Alliance War.

    Champions Affected: Which Champions are affected by this issue? What is their Rank, Level and which Signature Abilities do they have unlocked?

    Active Boosts: Are you using any boosts when you experience this issue?

    Description of the Issue: Please include a full and complete description of the problem you are experiencing with as much relevant detail as possible. Include how often it happens (once, sometimes or always) and how long you've been experiencing the issue.

    Screenshot or Video: If you are able to capture a screenshot or video that helps visually demonstrate the issue you are experiencing, please include it along with your report. More information on how to take a screenshot can be found here.
    Thank you.
  • DoomDesireDoomDesire Posts: 3
    edited November 2021
    Device and version: Huawei p30
    Operating system: Android 10
    Wifi or data: I only use wifi to play
    Game version: latest version
    Game mode: it was happening a bit in story content but when I tried to do the variant yesterday it happened more often
    Champions affected: yesterday I was mostly using gwenpool hitmonkey and venom pool but there are some others I forgot about
    Boosts: I wasn't using any
    Description of issue: sometimes the game would stop receiving my inputs midcombo resulting in my champion just standing there doing nothing and then I get combo because of that. This usually happens once or twice per quest but yesterday while I was doing variant 8 it happened once to three times per fight
    Screenshot: not really sure how a screenshot or video would help since it happens randomly and there's not much to see since it's only a champion standing there
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