Heavy Attack Getting Stuck?

So first let me say, I do have an Iphone 12 pro max, has no problems Running MCOC. Now, for whatever reason while I'm playing, my Character will start charging his heavy attack, and it's simply stuck. I can't swipe back, can't swipe forward. I have to get hit, for it to be "broken" and be able to move again. I close the the app, and I'll go into note pad or something and start trying to type on my phone, and half the damn keypad won't work from whatever happened in the game. Then I'm forced to restart my phone, restart the game and go back in, then everything is fine for a bit, until it happens again which tonight was like 5 times in a row....

Has anyone ever had this happen?


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    Putang76Putang76 Posts: 283 ★★
    Happens all the time on my iPhone 13
    Can’t use that phone to play, fortunately I have several iPhones.
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