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Need help with Act 6.4.6 and Grandmaster

altavistaaltavista Posts: 1,354 ★★★★
I just had a failed run at the Grandmaster where I blew through a bunch of stashed potions and crystals just to get down the Mystic path (Mesmerize path, with the Uncertainty node for Grandmaster), blew through a bunch of units only to get to phase 2 77% health, before giving up.

My team for this run was Cap IW + Nick Fury + Void + Vision + She-Hulk. That roster was picked to have Cap IW parry+heavy the entire mystic path (Ebony Maw was a pain, and required multiple revives and using other team members). Cap IW and NF had been suggested as good options for Grandmaster (but I didn't realize that Uncertainty would neuter CapIW ability to get to SP1 to complete the Damage over Time challenge; secondly I am not good enough playing the real Nick Fury to have him stay viable throughout completion of the challenge prompts with such a small health pool).

My overall roster:
R5: Cap IW, Domino, Nick Fury, BWCV, IMIW, Warlock.
R4: Colossus, Thing, Void, Rulk, She-Hulk, Omega Red, Venom, Corvus Glaive, Vision, Stealth Spider-man.
I have a couple of other utility champs at R3 but I don't think I would rank any of them up.

I know the Cosmic path is relatively straightforward, but I feel like Annihilus and Vision Aarkus would give me a lot of trouble.

I think if I did the Mystic path again, I might try CapIW + Nick Fury + Warlock + others; save Nick fury and Warlock for phase 2 Grandmaster (would have to learn how to do heavy intercept with Warlock to get the DoT challenge; keep Nick Fury's LMD alive so I can attempt it with full health).

Any tips for what path I should take (if I should do a different one), or who would be good options for the Grandmaster?


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    Phillip14233Phillip14233 Posts: 577 ★★★
    My run through I took the masochism path. Really straight forward, if you made it to 6.4.6 masochism is not to bad. Honestly for initial completion it doesn’t matter what node you take down for the grandmaster, if you study videos on the fight, some nodes only give a slight disadvantage it’s not terrible. Dorm and mysterio are the only meh fights on the path, but not bad. You should be able to get to the grandmaster with most your team intact. And for the grandmaster, anyone really works. Domino and cap are good options. Good luck man let me know how it goes : )
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    altavistaaltavista Posts: 1,354 ★★★★
    Thanks. I ended up waiting a week to get a few more units and free crystals. I took the Cosmic - tenacity path. Had BWCV and the Thing as counters for Annihilus and Vision Aarkus. BWCV solo'd everyone else in the path. Miniboss Angela was someone I didn't prepare for, so had to use a few revives on her since I didn't check her nodes (Eg. Vigor). BWCV and Warlock were good options for her.

    Grandmaster - Watched a couple more videos, realized I didn't need to be so aggressive since the majority of damage I would deal would be during the Wounded phase. So during the non-wounded phase, was able to focus more on completing challenges, hanging back and holding block so I have time to process what the next Challenge would be, and having time to bait out the SP1. Cap IW was my main workhorse - revives + full health potion top off. Managed to whittle down the Grandmaster with several attempts. Phase 2 was the hardest cause of how long it was and non-complying AI. Phase 3 was alright, but the inverted controls did mess with me on some of my attempts.

    Have to say, it is a great skill challenge as opposed to just being lucky in having a niche champion in inventory challenge.

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    AspectSlashAspectSlash Posts: 5
    Mr. Sinister was beyond amazing for phase three. He can block unblockable attacks so you don’t get caught off guard and he is immune to inverse controls. He regenerates 70% from crits so you won’t die by just tanking a combo. He has DOT for sp1 and sp3 took off 7% in wounded state. All around the ideal champion to use. Definitely recommend Mr. Sinister.
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