The Cyber Weekend Deals just reinforce the problems in the contest

I’m trying to max out a 6* champ I just brought to R3 with the resources we all have a chance to purchase this weekend.

I’ve run out of ISO which has been the story of being ThroneBreaker (in my experience). Gold is also in pretty short supply.

I’m maxing out Odin, so I want cosmic ISO. I trade in my 4* shards for the Cosmic/Tech 4* crystals. I luckily pull a couple of cosmic champs. So I take my newly found 48 cosmic ISO items to see how many levels that nets me on Odin.

My starting point: Level 13
Finishing point: Level 28

This is all fine until anyone considers that you get the same amount of class ISO when you dupe a 4*, 5* or 6* champ. This isn’t a new problem. This is a problem that has been complained about for quite some time.

It’s also a problem that has a pretty simple solution. So where is it Guys?


  • MMCskippyMMCskippy Posts: 352 ★★
    I can’t figure out why I want 6* champs if it’s impossible to rank them up. I’ve got 6 of them sitting at r1/1 just for that reason.

    The game economies when you get to TB are kinda baffling.
  • GrandOldKaiGrandOldKai Posts: 715 ★★★★
    edited November 2021

    Just make 5 and 6* give more ISO when duping them, it’s baffling how a 6* dupe is the same as a 4*

    Problem is, this is something that has been requested for ages... with iffy acknowledgement.

    With the introduction of higher tiers than 4*, I really thought they'd change it - but for a bit more of a constructive response, what would you suggest changing the ISO to?

    Should 5* champs give out Tier 6 Class ISO, or just more Tier 5?

    6* champs should definitely give Tier 6 ISO, considering their level requirements.
  • Midias12Midias12 Posts: 64
    I barley do arena and constantly sell iso and have a **** ton of gold I R3 a ton no idea why. I also save all my gold crystals for bonus 20% time
  • KnightZeroKnightZero Posts: 1,368 ★★★★

    Just make 5 and 6* give more ISO when duping them, it’s baffling how a 6* dupe is the same as a 4*

    Unfortunately this issue has been raised for over a year, maybe 2. And we never gets response.
    It's the same as to why potions in AQ/AW aren't percentage based or heal champs more.
  • MMCskippyMMCskippy Posts: 352 ★★
    I’m always mystified by the trolls with comments like “I never have this issue…” like folks are making it up.

    I’ve played through enough phases of this game (too much ISO to use, too much gold to use, not enough t1 alphas, too many t1 alphas).

    Right now, my crystal hoard for AQ crystals and t4 class cats is giant. I have way more catalyst resources that I could ever use. It’s only gold and ISO I need.

  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 33,083 ★★★★★
    The problem is, in the case of the Offers, they're self-inflicted. We choose the Offers we buy.
  • Monk1Monk1 Posts: 736 ★★★★
    U really need to just play the game.. more champs equals more dupes equals more iso.

    The bigger problems is the constant stream of t2a no matched by t5b to use with them
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