Suggestion for Streamlining Arenas

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Hi, I wish I can tag Kabam Zero here but let's just hope he sees this. Also please please please don't put this to the suggestions thread as barely people go there.

So contentiously, arena changes don't happen too often, I don't know the reason why but most of the core elements/screens remain similarly throughout the 7 years I've been playing this game.

This is just some key observations and suggestions as someone from UX background doing web and mobile designs for my career (plug: maybe hire me Kabam xD)

1. Firstly, champion selection boxes are small and can sometimes be unresponsive in dragging the champs.

Yes, not everyone has an iPad or giant phone size. Even when I watch BG's streams he would have unresponsive results in dragging champs in the boxes. The spacing/margin in between the champion boxes could also be added a bit since there's a pretty long vertical space to work with.

2. Animations can be lessen. So choosing the beta opt-in, would add extra animations compared to non-beta opt-in

Versus non-beta opt-in

Yes while I understand these are beta opt-in and extra stats are better, there are ways to make information condensed to reduce the animation. Maybe consider adding the Battlechips and Gold to the side of the battle summary so there's only one transition instead of two.

On a non-beta opt-in concern, is there maybe a way to remove the animations of the gold and battlechips gained counting from 1 to the final count? I don't think it's necessary just show that animation. Yes this may be nitpicking but if it can shave off the arena series time by 1-2 seconds then I'm all for it.

3. More animations on completing the arena series. Why not put the final rewards on the bottom of the lineup instead of having three animation transitions? The "Series Won! Perfect!" word string and "Bonus multiplier 1.25!" word string can be compressed to one word string like "Perfect Series! Multiplier up to 1.25!" or something like that.

Having 3 less screens and less animations can certainly shave off few good seconds.

4. This is just a personal gripe but it always annoy me, then when I reach the last milestone and when I claim the last milestone rewards, it redirects me to the arena choice screen even when I press the Next Series button. I'm sure other grinders like me would appreciate pressing the next series button to actually let me stay in that arena to grind more.

I hope many would agree on this post so changes to make arenas snappier to happen. Cheers to all the great work at Kabam despite the recent input issues. Happy holidays as well.


  • Hello @kenadroid. Thank you for your suggestions. I moved them to the Suggestions/Feedback section for better visibility.

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    Hello @kenadroid. Thank you for your suggestions. I moved them to the Suggestions/Feedback section for better visibility.

    If this would mean better visibility for the design team then I'm all up for it. Though that would mean less people in the forums community check here lol 😂
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    People will still notice, so think of it as a little of column A and a little of column B.

    Still solid suggestions!
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    It's mostly senior UX designer lol. I'm not confident in myself to be in a senior role 😂
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