Hello mcoc team
Hope you have a great new year ahead sadly i wont have one as i been scammed by one of my own alliance members. Last 2 weeks of the gifiting events i been asking for trade and been getting scammed left and right by people and i need some help because i have not gotten even one gift from anyone due to this scam. Please help me.


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    Always go second unless it’s a close friend or alli member
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    That’s unfortunate
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    Don't initiate sending gift unless they said yes they will trade with you... not everyone spends money on the game.. they grind arena for the units /battle chips, open the battle chips for units (but usually get gold).. while completing some content do get you units, it is not always enough to collect to 300units.. some of my alliance save up units for the entire year just for gifting.

    I did the whalin bit and send out a bunch of GGC to my alliance mates knowing they possibly can't gift back.. unless they also spent $$$$. Let's say I did pretty good in the solo gifting.. anyways never assume anything.

    If they 'did not confirm' that they agree to trade GGC with you and you initiate sending to them. You just gifted them - they are not obligated to send one GGC back.. if you 'assume' that the alliance is going to actively participate in gifting and you sent GGC to everyone without their confirmation.. guess what.. you just gifted the entire alliance.
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    Did you ask if they would gift in return

    I’m guessing no

    So u just sent them

    Sorry you didn’t get em in return but you shouldn’t expect anything back if you didn’t ask before
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    It’s not a trade, it’s gifting.
    You are gifting and they have no obligation to gift back.
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    There is a gifting matchmaking thread on this page... Also it sounds like you need a new alliance
  • The forums are not an appropriate place to make these sort of claims. If you believe you have a legitimate grievance here, it is recommended you contact support as no one on the forums can help.

    You can open a support ticket in-game by tapping the gear icon in the top left corner, then the button that reads "Support", followed by the button that reads "Need more help? Contact us".

    Alternatively, you can open a support ticket via your web browser using this link.

    I do hope your new year manages to start off better than the last one apparently ended.
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