Looking for an alliance

I’m looking for a new alliance you can look me up in game @ Tempest636 would prefer a gold or higher alliance I’m kind of stuck at a point and really need a stronger alliance to get me over the top thanks.


  • RaiderbobRaiderbob Posts: 111
    We’re a no BS group at Old Guys

    Gold 2, 5/5/5 AQ Easy going and focused on the fun, NOT THE STRESS

    Line ID RaiderBob
  • Hello
    We are a Gold 1 Ally
    Aq 5/5/4 will go back to 5/5/5 once settled
    My Line ID: Trinityinfinity2
  • AsmondenaAsmondena Posts: 63
    Hello Tempest, I represent a map 6 alliance high gold 2.
    Our prestige is 11,000
    Game ID Asmondena
  • Hello, you can join us. Search “Alliance Force” in game or add me through line “khiem02”
  • TW1800TW1800 Posts: 159
    P4/G1 Map 6x5, if interested hit me up in line trey1800
  • Line: khiem02
    Alliance: Alliance Force
    AQ: map 5
    AW: gold 3 for upcoming wars season
    Hit me up through line so we can discuss details.
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