Mojo Solo Event milestone seletor reward

Claiming the 2nd milestone I picked the 1000 4* shards from the selector but it' nowhere to be found, others who picked the 2x Ultimate crystals also did not receive the reward.

anyone experienced the same?
kabam aware or this?

this bug might go on to further selectors in this solo event.


  • Who_knewWho_knew Posts: 40
    No updates on this? Having the same issue.
  • PiviotPiviot Posts: 658 ★★★
    I got my two crystals took a gamble didn’t pay off but the 1k 4* shards was just gonna turn into 5* shards anyways
  • LibenatorLibenator Posts: 6
    A couple of guys on our team did not recieve our crystals either.
  • LibenatorLibenator Posts: 6
    One of my teammates put in a ticket about it.
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