Looking for an ally

hello I am 11,940 prestige player looking for an ally.
AQ: I have done maps 5-8, I really don't care what map as long as people are active.
AW: Literally don't care either I just want season rewards at the end. I have good defenders and rarely die.
I have line and discord so let me know if you think you have a spot. Looking to move asap btw


  • Hi there! We do 655x5 for AQ. Gold 1 in war. Would love to have you on board. Hit be up on line: Kameaimimau
  • asuoa650asuoa650 Posts: 57
    We are crazy kid gang. Map 6, plat 4 ally, looking to push to plat 3. Hit me up on line if you want more details
  • I reached out to both of you
  • RemeliRemeli Posts: 608 ★★★
    AQ map 6
    AW gold 1 pushing for plat 4.
    Great grp of ppl from both US and Europe

    Line Remeli
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 8,448 ★★★★★
    edited February 2022
  • Sparty6Sparty6 Posts: 53
    AW plat 4
    AQ map 6x5
    US based
    Add me on line at msusparty9
  • ChronicGeminiChronicGemini Posts: 104
    If you're still looking, hit me up on LINE: Chronicgemini

    Mix of map 5/6 AQ. 300mil weekly
    3BG AW finished G2, wanting to push for G1
  • @FreshOranges37
    Hello, if you are still looking. Here's my line "Khiem02."
    Aw: formerly Gold 3, currently silver 1
    AQ: map 5
    US Time Zone
  • ValGilbertValGilbert Posts: 99
    Hi, we are active AQ focused, map 5. War is optional, 2bgs.

    If you want to join a knowledgeable and chill but competitive ally, feel free reach out.

    Line - runningwiththebulls
    Game - killinghero33
    Thanks ☺️
  • WarotWarot Posts: 3
    Our Ally
    AW P3 rank 76 from season 31
    AQ map7 x 5 days Boss rush
    Contact me Id line: Warot.m
  • I noticed you still haven’t found a spot yet, Do you want map 6? Gold 2?
  • CangaceiroCangaceiro Posts: 429

  • Still looking
  • Have a look at out bio to see if it suits, no line app required
  • asuoa650asuoa650 Posts: 57

    I reached out to both of you

    Didn't see anything. But if you are still looking, let me know.
    Line: asuoa650
    Ign: asuoa650
  • AW P4.
    AQ 665.
    Alliance tag is G2050
    Message me if interested at superman.ca both in-game and line app.
  • Avenger_A1Avenger_A1 Posts: 202
    We're a friendly, fun, and supportive alliance. AQ map 555 x 5 (Score 250M+, glory rewards 4200+). Optional AW. Looking for good AQ players. Line app required.

    Alliance name: StarBrothers
    In-game name: Avenger A-1
    Line ID: avenger-a-1
  • RaiderbobRaiderbob Posts: 128
    Looks like you’ve got lots of attention on recruiting you 😁. I’ll be brief. We’re an old ally (one of the oldest) with a tight and solid core. We run 5/5/5 and 3bgs in war. Gold2 ally and highly organized

    Hit me up on LINE if you’re interested

    ID is RaiderBob
  • BosamithBosamith Posts: 136
    edited February 2022
    We are a 58+ million ally, running BG1 7x5 BG2 6x5 and BG3 6/6/6/5/5 scoring 450+ million. 2 bg optional war near the top of gold 3 and try to keep it stress free

    Hit me up bosamith1977 on line
  • Umer273737Umer273737 Posts: 27
    Plat 3 and map555 alliance
    Line id : umer381
  • spacejumper5193spacejumper5193 Posts: 132 ★★
    @FreshOranges37 plat 4 alliance tier 2. AQ top 230, running map 8x5. Let's discuss
    Line ID: spacejumper5193
  • Ckent1099Ckent1099 Posts: 63
    Need one with line app.
  • zuffyzuffy Posts: 1,896 ★★★★★
    Are you still looking? We are are a relaxed alliance running Map 442, 1GB war for leisure and finished in Gold 3 last season.

    You can reach me at:
    in-game: zuffy
    Line: zuffy316
  • DodolTalaDodolTala Posts: 27
    Hello, we are a strong ally but run map5x5 and always finish all 3bgs with 10hrs to spare. For AW we only participate in season. Finished in G2 last 3 seasons. But we play it very relaxed. Aim is just to 100% rooms and get bosses down for points. Pls add me if interested “RNEHMADI”
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