Looking for a plat 3-4 area any map aq team

Rewards suck in aq so don’t care what map so long as the group I am in gets it done before the last 6 hours of aq. Sad af I’m looking for a team again. Lemme be more specific as well here. No cheating or piloting teams. A legit team no bs please. Everyone carry’s own weight in aq. Don’t even care about getting higher in aw cuz it turns into stressville money contest of champions. So preferably a team vibing around the plat 3 or 4 area. Ign Derek line hotfizzle05 pls god don’t let my next team implode, die or be cheating or moving up to masters 😎.


  • Platinum 4 in AW.
    AQ we do maps 665 and score 400M

    Add me if you are interested

    Line ID: Superman.ca
    Ingame: Superman.ca
    Allaince tag: G2050
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