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alliance officer issues

alliance officer works harder than players. Therefore, he should receive an extra award. but since he didn't get an award, nobody wants to be on duty anymore. need a solution for this


  • daveyj_196_daveyj_196_ Posts: 437
    Hhahhahaa, at least twice a year someone comes out with this rubbish. Normally its someone who's newly promoted and has a heady case of self entitlement. Is that you by any chance OP?
  • ARAGORN_47ARAGORN_47 Posts: 3
    understand what you read, it's not about finding an officer

  • ShadowstrikeShadowstrike Posts: 3,086 ★★★★★
    Nobody is dismissing the hard work that officers have to put in for their alliances but at the same time but you have to find a balance between getting a little extra and getting too much where you end up losing the respect and camaraderie if your teammates. The problem is it's a tough nut to crack cuz we don't know what would be the fair line.
  • BlecskikBlecskik Posts: 26
    Officers should have extra compared to members. It would motivate them to play more. And playing more means more income to Kabam.
  • Buck9studioBuck9studio Posts: 161
    Do you lump the leader in with the officers or do they get even more extra?

    Imo... If the leader and officers are doing more admin work, the other players should be grunting more of the actual fights to even things out. BUT there are a lot of leaders and officers who just like that effort and do for free as part of the game enjoyment. :)
  • jcruz2133jcruz2133 Posts: 152
    edited March 2022
    When you are in an alliance that you want to stay at long term, you need to gauge how the other players are before you start putting your own hard work into it. If you see the leader not being as active or organizational as he/she should be, then wait it out before putting in so much work as an officer.

    Just gotta be smart. Work smarter not harder.

    There are plenty of alliances out there that know what theyre doing and run like well oiled machine. Just gotta go through the dud alliances till you find one.
  • SaltygoodnessSaltygoodness Posts: 348 ★★
    An officer position means investing time and effort to help the alliance get better or keep its level in AQ / AW or in general, whatever the goal is.

    That is already a reward in itself. When effort pays off and you see it in better rank, better teamwork, better atmosphere in the alliance. If people think this is too much and should only be done for extra rewards they should not be officers
  • CaptainaidenCaptainaiden Posts: 790 ★★★
    So everybody will want to become officer, then there is too many officer, some officer will be slack and do nothing but get the rewards you mention, is it fair?
  • Joker1976Joker1976 Posts: 440 ★★
    I’m a officer,..and they don’t deserve more than any other active member. It’s really not demanding,..enlist in AW,..set up AQ series,..move a few defenders and motivate people…that doesn’t call for extra rewards.
  • ARAGORN_47ARAGORN_47 Posts: 3
    you're right for low-level alliances. but not valid for higher levels
  • NoobdaNoobda Posts: 787 ★★★
    This post is like :
    I wanna complain about the issues but I am unable to find any . So I am just gonna make one myself and complain .
    Understandable have a nice day.
  • RicoShayRicoShay Posts: 220 ★★
    edited March 2022
    Not to mention alliances would just appoint all members as officers and rake in free rewards. Just because officers work hard doesn't entitle them to in game rewards. If your alliance wanted to show appreciation they would do it with kind words, motivation and in super rare cases a small purchases from alliance members to hard working officers. This doesn't however entitle officers to expect these as rewards for their efforts
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