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Cross-Fights in Cav Difficulty (Merged Threads)



  • Nathan_MilburyNathan_Milbury Posts: 5
    Still showing an issues with the classes getting the cross fight. The champs with the # are working correctly.
  • edited March 2022
    For those who are still experiencing this issue, could you please let us know what champs you were using and in which quest, as well as providing any footage you might have of what you're seeing? Or providing details on what exactly you're seeing,? Having more details on what you're seeing in the fight and after can help us to narrow in on what's going on here.
  • buffajrbuffajr Posts: 412 ★★
    It’s easily reproducible. The champions of the specific classes that are suppose to receive the cross fights do not, the champions with the #tag are receiving them.

    One pass through these quests with a team of non-tagged champs should have been able to catch the issue day one. How it’s taken half the month and we’re still being asked for evidence is beyond me.
  • mgj0630mgj0630 Posts: 900 ★★★★
    Honestly, the format of the quest is probably what's causing the largest amount of confusion.

    In Cav 1.2 for example, ALL Mystics can gain cross charges in fight, however ONLY champs with the applicable tag (Illuminati, Dimensional Being, and Thanos' Army in this case) will carry those cross charges to the next fight.

    So using the abve as an example, Dr. Doom will get cross charges in fight, but WILL NOT, and more importantly, SHOULD NOT, carry them to the next fight.

    Dr. Strange however, SHOULD gain charges in fight, AND carry them to the next fight, as he has an illuminati tag.

    Likewise, someone like Corvus, while not being a Mystic champ, would still be able to gain in fight charges AND carry them to the next fight, as he has the Thanos' Army tag.

    So there are/were two problems.

    1) Cross charges were definitely NOT carrying over when they should have. I completed exploration a while ago though, and haven't felt inclined to revisit the content since Kabam Zitbit claims a fox was pushed. So basically, I can't say if there's still an issue or not.

    2) The grossly overcomplicated make-up of the event is contributing to a belief of possibly still bugged content. Some of the most recent posts still seem to imply folks are simply using a class, and complaining that the cross chargers aren't carrying over, which isn't a bug, because they shouldn't. That said though, when three weeks into an event, folks are still confused as to what should or should not be happening should be cause for concern that the content was made far too confusing for most folks.

    To those still claiming to have issues, confirm you are using a champ with the appropriate tag, AND an appropriate quest, cause if you look closely, you'll see that only quests 1.2, 2.2, and 3.1 have the Short Temper global node which enables cross chargers to carry over.

    So again.... unnecessarily complicated event which undoubtedly bugged in the beginning. Unsure if it's still bugged, or if people are just still confused by what is, or is not, supposed to be happening.
  • buffajrbuffajr Posts: 412 ★★
    This guy wins. Thanks for doing what should have been done by Kabam weeks ago. Shuttin up now.
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