We noticed a number of the Spring of Sorrow objectives aren't working properly, we are investigating and currently working on a potential solution.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Masters do not work

When I login a screen pops up half the time ,it will not let me play ,A weird error message and when I can get in the game my masters will not work.


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    awesomesauceawesomesauce Posts: 774 ★★★
    Master never works, master give work to dobby
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    Hey Nolan, sorry to hear you've having masteries issues!

    If you could supply a screenshot of the error message you get we might be able to solve your problem!
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    GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,389 ★★★★★

    Master never works, master give work to dobby

    Dobby is a free elf!
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