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Something broken in my inventory

4 Days ago I opened 40+ tier 4 class catalysts crystals. I Could have sweared that I've seen 15 Mutant ones (as they were the ones i was after) but I've found only 11 in my inventory. 15 mins ago the same thing happend but for my 6* star signature stones crystals. I've opened 219 of them with 70+ mutant and mystics which I'm sure of but still it don't add up in my inventory. Please i need answers for this, this signature stones are the most valuable items for me in the game. Thanks in advance


  • TheOriginalMookTheOriginalMook Posts: 22
    Sadly it's a long standing and confusing bug


    When opening a large volume of crystals of the same type, they may appear to reward a much larger amount of items like energy refills, health potions, or catalysts than those crystals should. The crystals will reward the correct amount of these items, even though they are displaying the incorrect amount. Our technicians are aware of this display issue and are working to resolve this as soon as possible.
  • CrusaderjrCrusaderjr Posts: 1,059 ★★★★
    im surprised honestly, they have to honor the "price". if im being shown to be getting something, why wouldnt i get it.
    (im not talking about those ridiculous numbers when selling t4cats and such.) but rather the daily crystals, arena crystals, ect. how do we know we arent being cheated out of rewards and actually getting less than we are supposed to get? we shouldnt have to check inventory every time we open 10 crystals at a time... thats not our job.
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