dormammu vs magik unavoidable damage

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which champ is generally the better aw defender for dealing unavoidable damage? md is 5/5. both my champs are 4* r5. dormammu sig level 49 deals 1311.92 direct damage when buff expires with up to 100% chance depending on the last time it triggered. magik sig level 99 deals 289.75 energy damage with 40% proc rate. re: unavoidable damage, md will primarily benefit magik, causing her to fill power bars more often, and of course it depends on the play style of the attacking player. but generally, which is better? thanks in advance!


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    Magik can be blocked by archangel and dormammu can't (immune) in most cases she is a bit worse but when I see her as boss or miniboss I bring aa
  • Since we can see who is boss and mini boss I change who I bring. If it is dormammu I would use YJ or magik and do power sting or power lock respectively or AA if it is magik.

    So whoever u chose to place has a counter anyway, so place the champ u wish to and fingers crossed.
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