ProfX, Apoc, hitmonkey 6*

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I have apoc and hitmonkey awaken max 5*
I have prof x 5* but low rank

Leaning him but wanted to check here
Hitmonkey is an awake the other two new 6*
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  • Wine_LoverWine_Lover Posts: 75
  • Total_Domin01Total_Domin01 Posts: 977 ★★★★
    It depends on if you’re going to be using prof X, I never do and would therefore lean to one of the others, but if you do plan to ranking the 6* seems to be the most logical course of action to me
  • 0casual00casual0 Posts: 457 ★★★
    Hit Monkey. Simple playstyle and amazing damage. Even better if you run suicide.
  • UltragamerUltragamer Posts: 153 ★★
    Apoc best out of the ones you named
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