Gold1 Ally LF 2 players

We are a Gold1 ally and run AQ 5/5/5 and 3BGs of AW in season, highly organized and a very stable core dating back years now 😁

Hit me up on LINE if you’re interested
ID is RaiderBob


  • wordsmythwordsmyth Posts: 3
    Quite keen to join. But can’t seem to find you on LINE. My ID is sin_taxes and IGN is wordsmyth
  • AbhiAbhi Posts: 42
    IGN: Abhi01. Line ID: Abhix01.
  • RaiderbobRaiderbob Posts: 102
    Glad you joined us Abhix

    We still have room for another 2 players who want high rewards and NO DRAMA

    Line ID RaiderBob
  • RaiderbobRaiderbob Posts: 102
    1 spot left in the NO DRAMA alliance. Gold1 in war, highly organized and a healthy work/life balance

    LINE ID is RaiderBob
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