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Demonic Pact (Sigil)

Hi everyone, I’m pretty sure that it’s a known issue that SW’s regen synergy is bugged but I couldn’t find any posts mentioning it so I’m adding it here.


  • CapriciousCapricious Posts: 215 ★★
    Personally I think the synergy itself is a misfire considering how many mystic champs already regenerate and her losing her prowess takes out 120% of special attack damage. Therefore I believe the synergy should be changed so that SW cannot copy additional prowess but she can still make her own. This could also make her more suicide friendly which would be cool and could separate her from the other mystics.
  • Hey there, would you be able to provide the info requested in the forum bug report template? That info is really helpful for us to be able to look into and resolve issues.
  • CapriciousCapricious Posts: 215 ★★
    My sincerest apologies I don’t do a lot of posting.
    This is a 6 star Scarlet Witch Sigil fully loaded with 3 Willpower, 3 recovery and 1 salve.
    I believe this is a widespread issue as I recorded this on the IPhone 11 Pro but I have also previously had the same issue with the IPhone X.

  • CapriciousCapricious Posts: 215 ★★
    Sigil Witch should be healing 4% per regeneration buff, in 45 seconds I gained 4% health of health with 3 regeneration buffs. This has been an issue since her launch and if you want me to I can provide videos of youtubers using the synergies where the assumption was made that her regen was just bad. (also this was the standard RoL Winter soldier fight, no boosts were used)
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