Looking for an 2M+ alliance.

Hello, i'm looking for an alliance where i could relax and lay back. Bit i'm more than happy to participate in any AQ/AW tiers( Higher the better). Also donations are a problem as i have low stuffs.
Look me up in-game : Aashi711 (200k+ rating, 3700+ Prestige)


  • DinoHCYDinoHCY Posts: 58
    [Infinitum Vindices] I sent you an invite, you fit what we're looking for! :smiley:
  • Find me on line nvrcmecomin1 or in game nvrcmecomin1. We are looking to rebuild what we have.
  • OrozconlecheOrozconleche Posts: 32
    Hey Aashi,

    I"m looking to recruit people into our family of alliances. In order of rank: TD-30, !TEF!, TD-32, TD-33.
    I began in 32 and have now made myself to TEF. We would like to start you off in TD-32, since you are strong enough to be relatively relaxed there where you will have the opportunity to move up the family tree ranks when you have more time!

    PM me in game or on line @Orozconleche
    Look forward to hearing from you (:
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