2 members looking for active alliance.

Level 42, 46,000 and Level 31, 20,000
Active everyday and ready for AQ/AW all the time.


  • beaupoembeaupoem Posts: 443
    join us in the Mini Maniacs of Marvel! we're looking for more active players for map 3 and 2 and AW
  • OrozconlecheOrozconleche Posts: 32
    Hey Sperez333,

    I"m looking to recruit people into our family of alliances. In order of rank: TD-30, !TEF!, TD-32, TD-33.
    I began in 32 and have now made myself to TEF. We would like to start you off in TD-33 where you will have the opportunity to find your way around the game and grow through our family ranks!

    PM me in game or on line @Orozconleche
    Look forward to hearing from you (:
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