Still can't do 6.2.2

Superpank13Superpank13 Posts: 9
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I don't have Heimdall, I don't have Warlock, I don't have an awakened Angela or Crossbones or Medusa. Don't have Hyperion, Captain Marvel Movie, don't have Guillotine2099.
I've r4 5 star Hulk out of desperation. Help it's been a whole year.
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  • Pdexter86Pdexter86 Posts: 50
    This is why act 6 is such a pain
  • Superpank13Superpank13 Posts: 9
    I have so many champs and yet none of them counter this node.
  • Pdexter86Pdexter86 Posts: 50
    If you don’t have those specific champs you have already listed I’m really not sure you can get past him :(
  • SkyLord7000SkyLord7000 Posts: 3,819 ★★★★★
    Post your roster
  • TP33TP33 Posts: 1,505 ★★★★
    any champion that can gain furies can work with some revives/health potions. there are a lot of poison resistance synergies out there, one i can think of is Prof X synergies and any mutant who can gain a fury. unfortunately it is just a case of waiting, but luckily with all the other changes to act 6 the rest is more or less a breeze. Purifying fury gaining champions can also work, maybe nick fury or his synergies? Quake is still viable (even more so with the health reductions) i think
  • MattDRKMattDRK Posts: 161
    I did this fight with 5 star r4 OG Hulk, what i did was use only sp3 (and basic attacks) Mr. Sinister cannot regen from it. I also spent a lot of revives and patience.
  • chrisfernendezzzchrisfernendezzz Posts: 320
    Do you have symbiote supreme ??
  • TP33TP33 Posts: 1,505 ★★★★
    back bolt awakened or kamala kahn could do it, hulk is an option you just have to play well and maybe use some units, another viable option is Ghost, even though sinsister regenerates critical damage your crit damage is doubled by the global, you have furies built from heavies and debuffs, 1 L2 it’s game over for him.
  • Wine_LoverWine_Lover Posts: 76
    Why not focus on getting 5* shards and spinning cosmic tech dual crystals if you don’t have a champ that will work. Or you could find a less than perfect choice character farming the hell out of revives on Thanos map in act 3 and power through it.
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