Wow T2A fragments on sale

TrubluMateTrubluMate Posts: 336 ★★★
Thanks for the special offer pop up, but I think it’s a hard pass!


  • Berlad8Berlad8 Posts: 114

    1995 ❌ only 90😂

    This is funny and sad at the same time.
    i wonder if there are people who actually buy these ridiculous offers.
  • HavanaknightHavanaknight Posts: 381 ★★★
    But what about the added gold? 🤣
  • Kibble001Kibble001 Posts: 58
    I’m thinking 3 probable scenarios..
    1. Theres a person or department in kabam who thinks this is brilliant and is dead serious that this will make money. Developers just add what they’re told
    2. Developers and marketing are just laughing it up as a is coming in anyway so why not go ridiculous
    3. There are so many random modules that they cant keep track of what is out there or makes sense. There’s an old module charging 1995 units, lets call it a sale. Maybe players wont notice the cheaper store one..
  • Wozzle007Wozzle007 Posts: 600 ★★★★
    I think from an integrity perspective someone at Kabam really needs to look at these deals. The value of T2A is set for paragon level players as 60units. That ‘offer’ of 10% of a T2a is worth 6 units. It comes across as incredibly disingenuous to try and suggest that unit cost as credible deal.
  • GeneralNappaGeneralNappa Posts: 102
    20000 gold definitely adds a 1000 units or so value on
  • GrassKnucklesGrassKnuckles Posts: 1,895 ★★★★★
    These pop up offers only exist for you to accidentally buy them
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