War season comprised please cancel season

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Blacklist broken matching broken tactics broken everything is broken please cancel the season
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  • Kibble001Kibble001 Posts: 58
    A bit inconsiderate I’d say..

    1. Blacklists only apply to the top 5% of alliances in some gold and plat/master tier. The other 95% of alliances couldn’t care less if this is broken.
    2. Usually you see about 10-20 posts when something is broken. Maybe I missed it but I havent seen any proof that matching isnt working as intended. Not that the majority has noticed anyway.
    3. Tactics only apply to the top 5% of alliances again. 95% of alliances dont care if this is broken. And I believe I recall a post stating that the conduit tactic is now fixed. Not that it matters as you can always pick any of the other 2.

    Not to mention that they probably would only cancel war if there is a bug that affects most everyone. And then there’s the obvious…if its unacceptable to you..war is optional…don’t play. The lower alliances still enjoy it and want rewards.
  • Kibble001Kibble001 Posts: 58
    Maybe..politics..high spenders..players complaining. I get it. It’s why I led with its inconsiderate of everyone else.
  • Terror_TomTerror_Tom Posts: 116
    You dont get it. If enlisting doesnt work as intended it effects everyone. If an Alliance on a higher tier drops into your tear and you face them it could be an unfair matchup. I give you credit that i didnt See a proof for that as well. If there is a Problem kabam should find out.

    The Problem with non working tactics and perma bans is that higher tier allinaces prepared for it and maybe Even ranked up champs only for that reason. So what would be the solution here? Refund of the materials? Delay the season or even cancel it. I dont really know the answer but something has to be done
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