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Special 3 not activating Recoil

I noticed on a number of fights at arena that Specials 3 no longer take Recoil Damage after animation. Is that a Bug or intentional?


  • winniewinwinwinniewinwin Posts: 174
    Always been that way and should always remain that way
  • JayimageJayimage Posts: 94
    don't be a burn
  • EgyptOverseerEgyptOverseer Posts: 53
    I am more aggrieved by the silent change they made to YJ where the sting only activates after an SP3 instead of before, so the champ hits you with an SP3 and dies only after the animation and your health has gone down... Sting is supposed to be before...
  • winniewinwinwinniewinwin Posts: 174
    Wasn't meaning to be a burn, just stating a fact. Apologize if it seemed as such
  • Gustafah88Gustafah88 Posts: 62
    It wasn't like that before. I remember the champ would die after animation ended, if they had low health. Just found it weird, not complaining.

    A long ago, you would take the Damage before the animation, but they changed to be after the animation, but it really worked with Specials 3.
  • It is a bug. Probably it will be fixed in the next update
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