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Game is a total mess

So now Omega Red death field doesn’t work this caused a loss in BG Kabam needs to shutdown and FIX thier game all that’s happening is champs aren’t working properly causing unneeded use of resources. And yes I have real $$$ invested in this game so I wanna see it succeed!!


  • TheBair123TheBair123 Posts: 5,189 ★★★★★
    He still gets the death field effects, just not the VFX
  • JragonMaster170JragonMaster170 Posts: 2,010 ★★★★
    It's just visual bugs
  • spidyjedi84spidyjedi84 Posts: 73
    edited September 23

    It's just visual bugs

    Not in this instance can it be attributed to visual bugs. He is marked as taking bleeds upon entering against Nameless and Squirrel Girl on AQ which should trigger the death field. Instead, Omega's being noted as bleeding but he is not taking bleed damage from those sources, and his Death Field doesn't run. You can fire his Death Field with an SP2 and it works even if the visuals don't, but his passive after taking critical bleeds is definitely not working correctly.
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