Kabam needs to stop the crazy buffed nodes. This is a majority of the games slowdowns

New_Noob168New_Noob168 Posts: 1,502 ★★★★
Most of us don't have the problem of slow-downs or lock-ups if we are in the arena.

It's kinda obvious that most of these types of issues are due to buffed nodes. I know that because every time I hit a certain node that is heavily buffed in AW, I get odd things happen in slow-motion. It also seems to occur more on older phones which apparently can't handle the "process" power of the calculations on these nodes as well. It's obvious.

Kabam, can you guys figure this out?


  • U are right, I have noticed the same but we can't ask them not to bring new buffs. If they don't come up with something like that there won't be new content.
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