Battlegrounds is still broken

CederCeder Posts: 668 ★★★

In one match I won but even then the actual fight was terrible, input issues really didn't help, and on the second match was actual glitches, getting stuck on the countdown screen, having to restart my game, and not getting to choose my own champions, really fricked me over


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    SatnamSatnam Posts: 1
    In battleground, I won the match with Apocalypse but the results showed me loss with 0% health remaining. In actual, I had 72% health left and defender was K.O. And I ended up losing the match somehow.
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    Welshman99Welshman99 Posts: 1
    I keep losing matches that I actually won…
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    Mz_TorreMz_Torre Posts: 7
    I lost my first round which didn’t even register and the second round I couldn’t even get in to play. I kept getting a blank screen with the countdown clock.
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    I just posted something similar. No glitches everything was fine as I was sitting waiting for opponent to finish then my stats reset to say I lost and defender had 100% like if u quit mid fight...never quit just sat waiting for my victory.... disgusting
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