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wrong rank in the battlegrounds after shutting down

TofifiTofifi Posts: 16
edited November 2022 in Bugs and Known Issues
Before the battlegrounds were shut down I was in diamond 1 rank. After the battlegrounds were restarted, I’m in vibranium rank. But I didn’t get the rewards getting from diamond 1 to vibranium.
My in-game nick is MrToff.


  • TofifiTofifi Posts: 16
    Is it a visual bug?
  • XylphXylph Posts: 20
    Same thing, was diamond 1 now it says vibranium but when playing it says diamond 1 again
  • TofifiTofifi Posts: 16
    Xylph said:

    Same thing, was diamond 1 now it says vibranium but when playing it says diamond 1 again

    Thanks. Will play a bit later to see if i have the same
  • AdamtazAdamtaz Posts: 31
    Same I was silver 1 now gold 3 guessing kabam have given everyone a free promotion as compensation
  • SuperChronaSuperChrona Posts: 288
    Same for me. It is out of sync. Happened after crash last night. Got promoted today and the issue still exists
  • SuperChronaSuperChrona Posts: 288
    Seems like when get to diamon 1 you "skip" vibranium and with that you loose elders marks and trophy tokens from vibranium, but easier way to gladiator circuit....
  • rivetrivet Posts: 252
    edited November 2022
    My understanding is that this is just a different way of displaying which tier you are in, previously when it says you are in Diamond 1, it means the highest tier you have passed is Diamond 1 but you are actually fighting in Vibranium, that is why after 5 medals you finished Victory Track. Now they are just displaying which tier you are actually fight in, so Vibranium in the example, but your actual progress is the same, you are not losing any reward nor being promoted
  • Anakin83Anakin83 Posts: 30
    The problem is serious when you arrive at diamond 2..
    I had to win 4 matches (instead of 3) to go diamond 1.. and now I have to win 5 matches to go to vibranium..
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