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Premature Battlground losses

Teds_1_RoosterTeds_1_Rooster Posts: 41
edited November 2022 in Bugs and Known Issues
So first round I was declared the victor, torch vs Mordo, 2nd match up I had beat Terrax down with BWCV and was awaiting results. The results for 2nd round never got posted. The screen popped up saying I had lost the entire match 2-0. Another alliance mate had the same thing happen. Anyone else? It is still best of 3 right?


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    LordSmasherLordSmasher Posts: 1,462 ★★★★★
    With everybody jumping on BGs at the same time the server hamsters are running out of puff.
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    Thought it might be something like that. I thought one of the rubber bands broke
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    Dragoon81Dragoon81 Posts: 147 ★★
    edited November 2022
    Your opponent probably quit and the screen you saw was results from your last fight. When someone forfeits the game just shows your last match.

    Go into history and take a look to confirm.
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    You’re absolutely right! When I look at my history now it show it was a victory. Thank you!
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    Not for me lol i won the first round and had just finished the second round which was 100% going to be a win and it brought me to my last match which was a loss. Now 2 hours later it popped up in my match history saying i forfeited when i didn’t. I beat his colossus with my CGR in like 20-25 seconds lol such a joke.
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