Earlier today, there was an issue where Summoners that logged on shortly after the Login Calendar switched over for the day didn't receive the Cosmic Ghost Rider login crystal. We've fixed the issue for players receiving the crystal now but will have to collect data and send out the crystal to all players that didn't receive it next week. We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to making it right for you all.

What's the point of forums?

RehctansBewRehctansBew Posts: 439 ★★★
Hey all, just asking as there are multiple Alliances with people stuck in spectating mode in AQ currently. There have been at least 12 post regarding this in the last 2 hours and more over the last 14 hours, However not one mod has responded. Did everyone get let go at Kabam? @Kabam Valkyrie @kabam Miike

It's not asking much to have a mod at least jump in and give some clarification as to what's happening.

We would really APPRECIATE some answers.


  • Hi RehctansBew,

    The point of forums is to facilitate conversation not just with Us, but between players. This is where we can talk to you all, and you can talk to each other, express concerns, get answers to questions from other players, etc.

    It is not the place to get one on one help. If you have an issue that is causing trouble for you, please reach out to the Support Team. They can investigate and get this straightened out for you. The Forum Moderators do not have that ability.
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