Potential Ways To Improve Relics and Their Uses

Most MCOC players right now are complaining about relics, and their lack of use. The most obvious way would be to just give the relics better buffs. This would give relics more use, and more people might want to get them. Maybe relics can grant buffs, instead of increasing buff potency. What I mean by this is that a relic could give a champion that is otherwise unable to use, say, the Nullify ability, and give them that ability. This would increase the ways relics could be used in lots of unique and creative ways, and provide more entertaining content, and just an easier way to progress in general. Players would be able to experiment with different relic/champion combinations, finding new and unique playstyles along the way. Another idea would be to give relics unique buffs that no champion, node or other relic have. This would widen the use and utility of relics further, and also give players the chance to experiment with different relic/champion combinations, except their would be more room to play around with, as the relic buffs are all unique. Regardless, this is just an suggestion post, and please feel free to comment any other suggestions for relic improvements.


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    HipocerosHipoceros Posts: 88
    The truth and fear from kabam is to get involved in unbeatable combinations. So they aren't giving benefits to a champ far beyond that they already can do. They know that a couple of hits and a stun can't break the game. And just increasing buff potency they are in the secure zone. I doubt to see a great relic until they need a money push.
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