The new crystal that came, when I try to buy it it's asking me to signin into Google in your device . I have already signed in . What should I do jo0abx70ypr0.png


  • TheRoDoggTheRoDogg Posts: 14
    Hard close app and re open.
  • I did that it's saying same thing
  • GQuantaoGQuantao Posts: 201
    Do you have another device you can load the game on? Once I had to re-install the game on my tablet to make a purchase, then went back to the phone to play.
  • JasonMBryantJasonMBryant Posts: 301 ★★
    What country/region of the world are you in? I had a similar problem because of where I live, but I worked around it.
  • Yeah it's fine now
    Thank you guyzz
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,307 ★★★★
    Have you tried logging out and then signing back in?
  • I just uninstalled and installed back again
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