BG Emotes

I purchased the emote pack within the last month.
We recently received compensation with the missing emotes re-delivered into our accounts (for those who bought them), however, I cant seem to see or find them anywhere in game. The standard battlegrounds emotes seem to be the only ones available to use, and the newer Hulk and Spiderman ones just dont seem to be offered. I personally only wanted to use the spiderman one when I lose as I find the winner ones a tad obnoxious. I dont think its the end of the world if they dont work, but if we can't use them maybe it could be nice to offer a refund or something. I spent over 10 dollars CAD on the emotes that I havnt been able to use a single time.


  • Mik81Mik81 Posts: 65
    Coppin said:

    Can u tell the developers to create an option to mute them completely?.. having to mute every match is kinda stupid...

    This plz!!!!
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